Green Farm Vacuum Sealer Trio. Includes Rechargeable Vacuum Pump, Sealing Cups And Canning Lids – Wide Mouth And Regular Mouth

The Green Farm Vacuum Sealer Trio is ideal for dried or dehydrated food and liquid (like fresh juices, soups, even wine, and more). Can be used with mason jars / canisters.

The Vacuum Seal Trio is a perfect companion to owning a juicer. After making your vegetable and/or fruit juice, store in and seal in pint or half pints for the week instead of for a day. This means less trips to the grocery store and less cleaning time of your juicer. No machine or hoses needed to seal jars, no plastics used, everything is recyclable, including the lids.

Vacuum Sealer Trio includes:

  • Hand held cordless, rechargeable vacuum pump (charge lasts for weeks)
  • Two sealing cups for mason jars, one regular and one wide mouth
  • Canning Lids for regular and wide mouth

Be sure to clean and dry lids before using or reusing, do not over fill jars, leave 1/2”-3/4” head space, wipe top of jar dry before vacuum sealing.

For best results store vacuumed sealed jars in the refrigerator for up to 3-5 days. Vacuum sealing is not a substitute for pressure or hot water bath canning.

Drawing liquids or powders into the vacuum sealer pump will damage motor and void warranty.

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