Green Farm Regular Mouth Canning Lids. 24 Count. Thicker Metal & More Silicone for Tightest Seal.

Green Farm US regular mouth canning lids (24 count) were designed to withstand the rigors of high-use environments and for the Amish community who are long-known for their advanced food preservation techniques.

Once you get the lid in your hands, you will immediately notice the difference in both the thickness of our metal, and the extra silicone along the rim. This extra silicone allows for more “give” with the mouth of the jar and will create an extremely tight seal.

Our canning lids also feature a more pronounced, audible “snap” or “pop” sound to reassure the security of your seal. And the lid will visibly pop back up if the seal is ever broken. Universal Fit – Ball, Kerr And Other Mason Jars.

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