Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

We mainly wholesale to distributors and stores. Recently we listing our products on Walmart Marketplace. 

We are a US company located in Wisconsin, our manufacturing plant is in China. Everything is made to our exact design specifications. 

Best answer is try us and you will not be disappointed. Many of our current customers buy by the sleeve, 180 lids at a time. Our canning supplies are made for canners by canners.

Our Premium Gel rubber and inside finish coat are FDA Approved. Metal used is extra heavy tin plate with a gold finish. Regular lids 70mm and wide mouth are 86mm. We offer matching heavy duty metal bands and also 304 Stainless bands.

Dehydrators and vacuum sealers for mason jars. Most people who start dehydrating foods can’t believe how they got by so long without dehydrating. It is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to preserve fresh picked food. 

Dehydrated foods are a great complement to having canned food. From jerky to fruit and vegetables, you can enjoy  healthy food rear around.

With the vacuum seal trio you can store dehydrated food in mason jars, without using plastic!

While it may seem complex at first, once you grasp the fundamentals, it becomes surprisingly captivating. We all embarked on this journey in a similar manner, with many of us being guided by a parent or trusted companion.

To begin, we highly recommend accessing reliable resources such as the USDA Guide to Home Canning. Additionally, there are numerous canning communities on Facebook and other online platforms where you can find a wealth of information on both home canning and dehydration.

Invest in the appropriate equipment and seek out freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, and quality meats that are on sale. With these in hand, you can embark on the delightful journey of preserving and relishing healthy food throughout the year.

Not only will you save both money and time, but meal planning will also become a breeze, allowing for simpler and quicker preparations.

Here are the top reasons why canning can go wrong:

1. Insufficient processing time for jars: It is crucial to ensure that jars are processed for the appropriate amount of time to guarantee proper preservation.

2. Improper tightening of bands: Over or under tightening the bands can lead to issues. With our lids, it is recommended to tighten more firmly for best results.

3. Incorrect canning methods or recipes: Using improper canning techniques or recipes can compromise the safety and quality of the preserved food.

4. Misalignment of lids on jars: It is important to center the lids properly on the jars to create a secure seal.

5. Jar selection: Be cautious when selecting jars, as some off brands may be slightly smaller. While they may appear to work fine initially, the difference in expansion between glass and metal bands during the canning process can cause the bands to pop off or become loose. To test this, heat bands separately and twist them tightly while hot with a lid in place on all off-brand canning jars. If any issues arise, it is advisable to discard those jars or repurpose them for other uses.

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